"...dazzlingly good chamber ensemble…
exuberantly expressive, intimate style…
gorgeously idiomatic playing’
The Times
Wednesday 21 Jun 2006
Evening Standard
Barry Millington

Now in its 14th season, the Proms at St Jude's is firmy established as a major event in the north London musical calendar.
With the magnificent Lutyens church of St Jude-on-the-Hill as its venue, the week-long festival raises substantial sums of money for charity while bringing both local and international artists to play, more often than not, to capacity audiences.
Last night the outstanding ensemble The Fibonacci Sequence offered a programme that imaginatively combined the famiiar and the offbeat, with a generous sprinkling of wit.
Till Eulenspiegel -einmal anders! is a chamber version of Richard Strauss's well-known tone poem that succeeds in capturing the spirit of the prankster's merry escapades. The quintet, led by violinist Jack Liebeck, discovered the beating heart beneath the anarchic exterior.
There was wit of a more sophisticated kind in Michael Haydn's Divertimento in C major for oboe, viola and double bass, a combination whose quirkiness serves to enhance the subversive tone of the piece.
Oboist Christoher O'Neal and violist Yuko Inlue were both alive to this quality, while the virtuoso double bassist Duncan McTier was equally brilliant here and in Rossini's Duetto in D for the even more unikely combination of cello and bass.
Joining the group for the final item, Beethoven's Quintet in E flat for piano and winds, was its artistic director Kathron Sturrock, who raised the calibre of the playing to new heights with her sensitivity of phrasing and expertly moduated tone.