"...dazzlingly good chamber ensemble…
exuberantly expressive, intimate style…
gorgeously idiomatic playing’
The Times
James Leonard, Allmusic webreview
'...passion, panache, and power...'

Review by James Leonard.
When it comes to cool names for classical music chamber ensembles, the Rare Fruits Council can move over for the Fibonacci Sequence.
Named after the numerical sequence discovered by Leonardo of Pisa (also known as Fibonacci) who obtained the sequence by studying, among other things, rabbits breeding in ideal circumstances, the musical ensemble called the Fibonacci Sequence serves here as the backup band for harpist Gillian Tingay, a Courtney Love look-alike, all of whom are based at the University of Kingston and backed by BRIT Insurance. And while this might sound improbable at best, the disc itself contains unbelievably hot chamber music performances. However abstract its name might seem, the Fibonacci Sequence plays like rabbits breeding in ideal circumstance. With Tingay's subtle, sensual, and strong harp present on every track, the rest of the Fibonacci Sequence performs with passion, panache, and power in a program of superbly chosen chamber music. Ippolitov-Ivanov's An Evening in Georgia is extremely evocative, Saint-Sa?ns' Fantasie is extremely sexy, Bax's Elegaic Trio is extremely melancholy, and Ravel's Introduction and Allegro is extremely extreme, a performance of reckless virtuosity and inspired ensemble that rivals the greatest recordings of the piece ever made. Deux-Elles' digital sound is crisp, clear, and round.