"...dazzlingly good chamber ensemble…
exuberantly expressive, intimate style…
gorgeously idiomatic playing’
The Times
audience feedback 2

'What do we know of Messiaen? Not much - strange sounds, clashing chords, imitations of the natural world, extended single notes, fierce rhythms, and a basic
integrity that somehow takes over from the strangeness.
The Fibonacci Sequence is named after a dry mathematical formula that manages just the same to reflect natural phenomena from the seed to the galaxy. The group's
performance of 'Quartet for the End of Time' was (probably) formally correct (it's difficult to tell with Messiaen), but added an extra dimension of energy, commitment and even joy to a solemn subject. The composer provided the seed, which this performance brought to full flower.'

......sent in by Ron and Anne Farquhar, who are commissioning a new work for the Fibonaccis.