"...dazzlingly good chamber ensemble…
exuberantly expressive, intimate style…
gorgeously idiomatic playing’
The Times
review from President

Now pay attention, class and let us see who is the clever clogs to answer this question first. Ready? Now tell me what do the following numbers and names have in common? 0112358 13 21 34, and the names Daniel Pioro, Yuko
Inoue, Benjamin Hughes, Ileana Ruhemann and Gillian Tingay.
Any idea? Well, to save time, both groups are constituents of the FibonacciSequence, the numbers named after a medieval mathematician and the people are top class instrumentalists whose ensemble is named after the mathematician.
They were the highly accomplished and exciting performers at the third and final concert in the summer season of Uckfield Music Club, presented in association with the Uckfield Festival, and held in the gorgeous
surroundings of St Margaret's Church, Buxted.
Apart from Mozart all the works were French and 20th century, which ensured lots of employment of flute and harp. There is something about the harp that
makes us float----it is hardly surprising that it is such a popular instrument with ballet composers---and this was very evident in the final piece by a composer unknown to most of the audience, the Quintet (1948) by
Jean-Michel Damase. Very French from the outset yet showing no influence of the much stronger personality of is famous contemporary, Olivier Messiaen,the style rather harks back to the generation of Faure and Ravel.The playing throughout shone with dazzling brilliance and there were
many memorable high points in the opening Flute Quartet by Mozart and in the Fantasie for violin and harp by Saint-Saens. Who but Mozart could so deftly tickle the palate with such fun and good humour in the outer movements and
yet touch the heart strings so powerfully in the middle movement whose easy-going serenade-like atmosphere with strings, guitar-like, accompanying with a delicate pizzicato. The flute solo was the very epitome of a profound
It is impossible to list all the various styles and colours in this glorious chamber concert. Yet again one was privileged to enjoy such high quality music making on one's very doorstep. I for one can hardly wait for the start
of the next season on 19th May 2016.

Derek Watmough