"...dazzlingly good chamber ensemble…
exuberantly expressive, intimate style…
gorgeously idiomatic playing’
The Times
Saturday 04 Oct 2008 7:30 PM

8th Annual Charity Concert: Camphill Village Trust
Schubert Octet

Highgate Golf Club
Denewood Road,
London N6 4AH

CAMPHILL ST ALBANS provides a social network of support for people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and other special needs.
We offer supported accommodation; work and training opportunities; medical and therapy services which include medical and psychiatric support from trained nurses, a homeopathic consultancy, psychotherapy and counselling, artistic therapy, and nursing treatments which include massage, special bathing and compresses.
Support is based on each individual's needs ranging from a package including accommodation, work and training activities, social activities and psychiatric and therapeutic support, to support in the individual's own home or day attendance at a workshop or therapy session.
Those with mental health problems benefit from our psychiatric nurses being able to manage changes in medication, avoiding the negative effects on fragile self-confidence of even a short stay in hospital.

Jack Liebeck violin (leader)
Helen Paterson violin
Yuko Inoue viola
Stephen Stirling horn
Duncan McTier double bass
Julian Farrell clarinet
Adrian Bradbury cello
Julie Andrews bassoon

Camphill Village Trust